Roadwork: Rock & Roll Turned Inside Out

Roadwork: Rock & Roll Turned Inside Out

Tom Wright, Susan VanHecke

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As a friend and cohort of some of rock music's biggest legends—the Who, Rod Stewart and the Faces, the Rolling Stones, the Eagles, Joe Walsh and the James Gang, and many others—photographer Tom Wright was given unparalleled access to almost every aspect of the musicians' lives, on- and offstage.

Roadwork, with a foreword by the Who's Pete Townshend, is a compilation of Wright's groundbreaking photography and the true stories behind the captivating pictures that have earned him praise as "America's most important documenter of the 1960s and 1970s rock 'n' roll scene" (Northern Express).

Gritty and realistic, poignant and beautiful, Wright's photos powerfully deconstruct the glamour of life on the road, capturing the true essence of rock 'n' roll: the musicians, the roadies, the fans, and the beautiful women who voraciously followed the bands. Over the years, Wright has allowed almost no commercial access to his work; his photographs have been available to only the musicians he's worked with and a handful of record company executives... until now. Roadwork offers a rare glimpse into the extraordinary life and stunning art of Tom Wright. Foreword by Pete Townshend.

"Tom Wright is the Jack Kerouac of rock and roll photography." Joe Walsh

"Tom Wright... a f**king great photographer with a special touch." Keith Richards

"The errant conscience of his camera has captured both the flippancy and the passion of the times." Pete Townshend

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